A Disappointed Ducati Fan in Vietnam

This website was established to relate a disastrous personal experience with Ducati Vietnam and warn potential buyers about multiple quality issues on Ducati and Termignoni products.

Termignoni Slip-On for Ducati Scrambler Internal Weldings Failure

Personal experience

I bought a brand new Scrambler Sixty2 in May 2017 from the Ducati dealer in Hanoi.
After a month of use, a random harmonic sound issue developed within the stock exhaust.
After a year trying to have Ducati seriously investigate the problem, I ended up buying in June 2018 a $1500 Termignoni slip-on exhaust from the dealer in Hanoi, out of patience, as "investigation on the stock exhaust would take a long time" - almost a year later, the stock exhaust is still being investigated in the storage room of the Ducati dealer in Hanoi.
After a thousand kilometers of use, an internal welding failed in the resonator. It was quickly and smoothly replaced at the dealer in HCMC in August 2018 before the bike had its second Desmo service. At the same time, I was promised "a new stock exhaust to use as a spare".
After a thousand kilometers of use, an internal welding failed in the resonator, again. It was quickly reported to the dealer after returning to Hanoi, by the middle of September 2018. The resonator was removed, we could clearly see and hear the metal plate freely moving inside the resonator.
A month later (middle of October), Ducati Hanoi "don't know" and the dealer in HCMC is "preparing to send the first resonator to Italy for investigation, until then we would know whether they accept another time warranty or not".
On November 22, I contacted customer care to enquire about the issue. The next day, I received a message from Ducati Vietnam (Saigon) stating that "Ducati has just accepted to replace the Termi exhaust".
On January 30, a new exhaust was installed by the Ducati dealer in Hanoi.


A month later, after a thousand kilometers of use, an internal welding failed in the resonator, again, for the third time. I quickly reported the issue to Ducati (both Hanoi, HCMC, and Customer Care in Italy), kindly asking for a full refund and installation of a new stock exhaust (as promised in August 2018), and will update this page as soon as I receive an answer.

Welding failures in Termignoni slip-on exhausts seems to be an ongoing, unresolved design/manufacturing issue, affecting many Ducati users over the last few years:

"I finally figured out it was the resonator can on my Termi exhaust. From what I can tell, an internal weld failed and something now rattles inside."

"my Termignoni race slip on broke after about 200-300 miles of it being fitted by the dealership... well i had it replaced with no issues and all going well... a month later and guess what... yep! It's broken again, exactly the same thing"

"has anyone on here had any experience with a rattling noise coming from their Termignoni race line exhaust? Sounds like it's coming from the resonator chamber that's under the center of the swingarm It's a known issue with these systems (the salesperson is aware of it - as a manufacturing defect)."

"Same happened to me but I had about 6 months warranty left, the welds on the resonator now look slightly bigger than the original and I've not had any more issues for 18 months"

"I had to get mine replaced under warranty twice... they both went at around 4000kms"

"I am having this problem as well. There is something clanking and rattling in the Cat."

"after 250-300 miles it developed a rattle. This plate broke it's welds and was rattling inside the exhaust!"

"Well this is lame... it's back. I noticed it yesterday. It lasted less than a month. The little internal tack welds are clearly a very bad design."

"1400 miles later and the same part is failing again."

"My resonator popped today, took it to the dealer this morning and they took it off and it clearly had a bad rattle to it."

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